MiaSol√©’s copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) photovoltaic solar panels are one of the lowest-cost, highest efficiency, thin-film  solar panels in the world.  Made up of a compound semiconductor material composed of copper, indium, gallium, and selenium, the material is a solid solution that is broken down and applied to thin-film solar cells, which then work to convert sunlight into usable energy.

Unlike many competing solar energy technologies, CIGS uses no crystalline silicon to make solar cells.  While solar panels made from crystalline silicon currently account for more than 85 percent of the solar infrastructure today, CIGS is becoming increasingly accepted as the more cost-effective and efficient solution.  CIGS has the highest potential of known material alternatives to crystalline silicon. The harnessing of CIGS potential in an all-sputtered thin film enables high throughput and lower costs. MiaSole CIGS is deposited on a flexible substrate which can be configured into a wide variety of applications for utilities, building construction, automotive and consumer electronics

Within the past three years, investment in CIGS development has been measured in billions of dollars.